DIY Infinity scarf

I want to share with you my new creation. I have spent a lot of time searching for a beautiful and original infinity scarf on Pinterest. First of all I was using the word buff, and then I realized that DIY INFINITY SCARF are more useful words, pinterest is plenty of examples, and all of them are lovely.

Once you have decided the pattern, then you have to pick the fabric… googling for new and original fabrics, I found misformake. Oh sugar! They have wonderful options. Buying from my country is a little bit expensive, but the quality of the fabric and the design are worthwhile.

The pattern that I’ve used is from Purl Soho, it’s a bit diferent than mine, but I done it in the same way as they. The mesures that I used are: 30cm x 1,50cm. They used an organic sherpa, but I was searching for the cheapest option, which is why after trying with syntethic sherpa, I decided for a soft polar fabric.

It’s so warm and comfortable, hope you like it!

PD: Winter you can come whenever you want!




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